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Architect Expert Witness

Vesna Trobec has successfully assisted with Expert Witness matters related to architecture and urban design. She provides clear, logical and direct advice and opinions. She supports her opinions with evidence and design principles.

Vesna has a background in multi-residential and mixed-use projects, houses, and urban design. She has worked closely with planners and other professionals on projects at all stages of delivery and supported successful cases through both the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) and the Land and Environment Court of New South Wales (LEC). She is able to provide evidence on a range of building types and issues.

Vesna's successful assistance with Expert Witness matters has been attributed to her:

  • ability to be clear, logical and direct, and to support her advice and opinions with evidence and principles

  • experience in, knowledge of, and passion for her areas of expertise

  • understanding of the relevancies of the various aspects of each matter

  • clear, logical and direct manner of preparing reports and other documents of evidence

  • ability to prepare visual diagrams to clearly demonstrate design issues and principles, when necessary

  • understanding of where a matter ceases to be within her area of expertise

  • comfortable and professional manner whilst under examination or cross-examination.

Vesna Trobec has a Master of Architecture from the University of Sydney and is a registered architect in NSW (#9627).

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